SEO Press Pro Plugin: A Review

As a website owner, you want to be able to attract and retain customers. You need an effective search engine optimization strategy that will get the right people to your site and keep them interested in what you have to offer. So how can you do this? Well, it starts with understanding what Google wants from websites. Website owners can use SEO plugins like SEOPress to help their business grow online.

The SEOPress plugin is a great way to make sure your website is optimized for internet search engines. It has a free and paid version, and each provides you with comprehensive reports about the performance of your site and tells you what needs to be done in order to improve it. The plugin also offers instructions on how to use it, so even beginners can learn to use it right away.

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What Exactly Is SEOPress?

Unveiling the magic of SEO, we dive deep into the captivating world of the SEOPress Pro Plugin.

As a powerful contender in the SEO arena, this plugin offers a blend of practicality and functionality that leaves an indelible mark on WordPress websites. Armed with an array of advanced options, the SEOPress Pro configuration marries simplicity with expertise.

From its featured onsite SEO abilities to the crafting of the perfect meta descriptions, it ensures your site is not only visible but also compelling in the vast ocean of Google search results.

Our comprehensive review takes you on a journey from its unique video sitemap generation to the intricacies of post and term metadata, leaving no stone unturned.

What Exactly Is SEOPress?

Meet SEOPress, the remarkable WordPress plugin that’s changing the game in search engine optimization (SEO). It stands proudly alongside top-tier plugins like Yoast SEO and SEMrush, converging all key SEO elements into an organized, user-friendly package within a single plugin. Credit goes to Benjamin Denis, the mastermind behind notable WordPress SEO plugins like WPCloudy and WP Admin UI, for crafting SEOPress.

SEOPress comes in two flavors: the cost-free version and its upgraded counterpart, SEOPress Pro. The complimentary version arms you with essential SEO weaponry, while the Pro package takes it up a notch, boasting advanced features for that competitive edge.

Any website owner will tell you that climbing to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is the holy grail of online success, and SEO is their trusted steed. Why? It ensures that your website doesn’t just have more eyes on it but the right ones. Those are belonging to individuals seeking your specific products and poised to become paying customers.

So, how can you wield SEO’s power to your advantage? One way is to hand over a hefty fee to an SEO company and hope they deliver. Alternatively, you can take the reins yourself with an SEO plugin like SEOPress.

Granted, the DIY route may take more time and effort, but it gifts you full control over your online persona. Plus, it’s a lighter hit to the wallet and provides flexibility to tweak your SEO strategy in real-time, empowering you to adopt new techniques as you learn them.

SEO Press Pricing

SEOPress showcases a winning pricing model that’s hard to resist. Their core plugin, available at no cost, brings indispensable SEO tools to the table – an essential starter kit to elevate your website on the SERPs.

With an annual subscription of just $39, you can upgrade to SEOPress Pro. This tier extends your reach to unlimited websites and unveils a suite of pro features.

What’s more? There are no hidden costs. For this affordable fee, every feature within SEOPress Pro is at your disposal.

SEOPress WordPress SEO Plugin Features

1. Titles and Metadata

SEOPress provides you with the keys to the kingdom of search engine visibility. It empowers you to customize meta elements like the title and meta description right within your website. With this ability, you’re in control of your pages’ presentation in search results directly from the plugin’s intuitive interface.

Titles and meta descriptions are the cornerstones of any successful SEO campaign. They’re of paramount importance, right alongside the carefully chosen slug for your page’s URL. With SEOPress, you can fine-tune these critical SEO elements across your entire site, on a per-page basis, or even for each post.

One highlight of this plugin is the comprehensive variable support that it offers. As you vie for clicks and strive to climb the rankings, your click-through rate (CTR) can significantly bolster your efforts.

SEOPress lets you craft dynamic headlines using variables, enticing users to click on your page. For instance, appending specific data like recent dates to the title reassures searchers of the content’s freshness, inviting more click-throughs.

Specific Features:

Boost Your Search Rank with Custom Meta Title and Description – SEOPress puts the power of improving your search ranking and click-through rate (CTR) into your hands. With the user-friendly SEO metabox, you can directly tweak your content’s title and meta description.

Fine-Tune Meta-Robots on Your Terms – With a simple click, indicate what search engine bots can and can’t index on your site. Options include: noindex, nofollow links, noodp, noimageindex, noarchive, and nosnippet, and you can apply these settings globally or individually.

Control SEO Metadata from Your Page Builder – With the universal SEO metabox, all your SEO needs are accessible from any page builder. This means no more constant toggling between your editor and the WordPress admin section.

Set Up Fast with the Installation Wizard – SEOPress streamlines your initial SEO setup with a straightforward six-step installation process. With this, you can activate SEOPress without missing any essential SEO steps and gain a clearer understanding of the process.

2. Social Media Integration

In the world of content, engaging your audience is key. This is where social media shines as a powerful SEO booster. With SEOPress at your side, enhancing content sharing on social platforms becomes a breeze, helping to steer more traffic your way and amp up conversion rates.

Specific Features:

Open Graph Meta Tags – With SEOPress, generating Open Graph metadata for enhancing social sharing across platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, and more becomes effortless.

Twitter Cards – Similarly, Twitter utilizes its unique set of meta tags known as Twitter Cards. SEOPress takes care of this as well, automatically creating these tags. Just like with Open Graph, you can easily tailor the title, description, and image.

Social Media Sharing Preview – One of the coolest features is the ability to preview your content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter directly from the SEO metabox. You can fine-tune the title, description, and, more importantly, the image to ensure it looks as enticing as possible.

3. Sitemaps

Search engines such as Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo! rely on XML sitemaps to steer search engines and web crawlers toward your website. HTML sitemaps, on the other hand, guide users to specific pages. Both types are crucial for enhancing your website’s navigability for both bots and users, thereby significantly improving your overall SEO.

With SEOPress, creating both XML and HTML sitemaps is a breeze and can be done in under a minute directly via the plugin. Notably, this feature of creating HTML sitemaps sets SEOPress apart, as other popular plugins like Yoast and AIO SEO do not offer this.

So, usually, you might have to install an additional plugin just for this purpose.

Specific Features:

Craft Your Personalized WordPress XML Sitemap – Tailor-make your XML sitemap by incorporating custom post types, from blogs and pages to WooCommerce products.

Illuminate Your Images with WordPress Image Sitemaps – With SEOPress, your images won’t stay in the dark. It can automatically add images to your XML sitemap, enhancing their visibility on Google Images. Whether it’s regular images, featured ones, or product pictures, all are supported.

Video Sitemaps (PRO Feature) – Don’t let your videos be unseen. Whether they’re embedded on your website or hosted on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, you can manually add them to your sitemaps. This feature boosts your website videos’ search engine indexing, helping them reach the top of Google’s video search results.

WordPress News XML Sitemaps (PRO Feature) – If you’re pushing out news articles, take advantage of SEOPress’ XML News sitemaps. This helps Google discover your articles easily and improves their indexing.

Author Sitemaps – Give your authors the spotlight they deserve with a specialized sitemap.

Integrate WordPress HTML Sitemaps Easily – Embed an HTML sitemap into a webpage with SEOPress’ handy shortcode. Customize the order and sorting criteria with a single click, and if needed, exclude specific posts.

4. Google Analytics

Imagine accessing Google Analytics right from your WordPress dashboard. That’s precisely what SEOPress offers! By giving SEOPress your Google account details, you can sit back and relax as the plugin starts gathering valuable data automatically.

While the information might not be as extensive as what’s available in the Google Search Console, it’s ample enough to help you get the ball rolling with your SEO efforts.

Specific Features:

Boosted E-Commerce Metrics with Google’s Tools (PRO) – Relay your product data directly to Google Analytics, thanks to SEOPress. Remember, you’ll need to integrate WooCommerce to make this magic happen.

Google Analytics Stats at Your Fingertips (PRO) – Why switch tabs when you can view Google Analytics statistics right from your WordPress dashboard? SEOPress makes this possible!

Google Analytics Meets Google Ads – Get a bird’s-eye view of your audience by linking your Google Ads to your Google Analytics account. It’s about getting to know who’s really engaging with your ad campaigns.

Other Advanced Google Analytics Features

5. Google Knowledge Graph

Embracing the power of the Google Knowledge Graph through SEOPress gives your online presence a significant uplift.

If you’re scratching your head at the term ‘Google Knowledge Graph’, try this – Google is a popular brand, author, movie, or book. You’ll see a neat box to the right of your search results, packed with quick info, links to social networks, and more.

That’s a Google Knowledge Graph at work. The exciting bit? SEOPress lets you craft your very own Knowledge Graph, putting your best foot forward every time you pop up in search results.

6. Image SEO

Enjoy hassle-free optimization of your website’s images for a stronger SEO standing. Expect an uptick in your traffic from Google Images.

7. Google Local Business / Local SEO (PRO)

For many sites, particularly those tied to physical stores and local services, local search is a pivotal tool. SEOPress equips users with the ability to shape and enhance their presence on Google Maps. It empowers you to modify your business name, address, geographical coordinates, website URL, contact details, and other vital factors for local search.

Local SEO is a premium feature of the SEOPress PRO WordPress plugin. For a nominal fee, you gain access to this invaluable tool, primed to boost your local SEO tactics. It allows you to incorporate your Local Business schema onto your website. Users also enjoy the advantage of a knowledge graph in Google Search outcomes and elevated visibility on Google Maps.

Specific Features:

Local Business Schema – Increase your chances of securing a prominent spot in the Google SERPS with a standout knowledge graph for your local business. Alter your business description, operation hours, and website – all without needing any coding expertise.

Local Business Widget – Enhance your standing as a trustworthy and credible local business. Display your business details to customers, users, and search engines alike using the handy SEOPress Local SEO widget.

8. WooCommerce SEO

Amplify your WooCommerce site’s sales with the power of SEOPress.

Specific Features:

WooCommerce XML Sitemaps & Images – Simplify search engines’ job of indexing your WooCommerce product listings by submitting an XML sitemap. Keep Google updated with the latest tweaks to your content and assist search engine bots in navigating your site. With SEOPress, you can set up your images sitemap to automatically include the following:

  • WooCommerce product images
  • WooCommerce image galleries
  • Manual & Automatic Product Schema

Enhanced Google Analytics E-commerce Tools (PRO) – SEOPress’ integration with GA Enhanced E-commerce lets you monitor actions like transactions, additions to shopping cart, and removals from the shopping cart. Review Google Analytics events and make data-driven decisions to shape a successful digital marketing strategy.

9. Google Structured Data Types

Boost your website’s visibility by marking up your content with structured data based on the protocol. This helps your content to appear in search results through Rich Snippets on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This enhanced visibility can ultimately lead to higher conversion rates.

Specific Features:

Local Business – Spotlight your local business in search results, complete with photos, a map location, hours of operation, average costs, and geographical coordinates.

Product Schema – Do you run an online store? Highlight your products directly in Google’s search and image results, showcasing your product image, prices, availability, and customer reviews.

Job Schema – Hiring? Highlight job listings on your site with a JobPosting schema to boost their visibility in search results and attract more applicants.

Video Schema – Incorporate video schemas into your site to help Google grasp your videos’ content. Your videos will appear across all Google facets, including search, video, image, and Google Discover results.

Service Schema – If your business provides services, use markup to help search engines understand your offerings better.

Event Schema – Promoting an event? An event schema can help get the word out. Create rich Google snippets for your events to drive traffic and increase bookings.

Article Schema – Writers, bloggers, and news contributors can use this schema in blog posts to boost their chances of appearing in Google’s top stories, driving more traffic to your site.

Recipe Schema – Incorporate this schema into your recipes to enhance your chances of appearing in Google’s recipe block.

FAQ Schema – If your site has a FAQ section, structuring the questions and answers can increase the likelihood of landing a featured snippet spot in search engine results.

Review Schema – Sites featuring reviews can potentially display star ratings in search results, enhancing visibility and click-through rates.

Software Application Schema – Add this schema to display information like star ratings, supported platforms (like iOS), and price in results pages.

Course Schema – Including a Course schema can help potential students discover your courses via Google Search.

How-To Schema – Websites featuring “how-to” tutorials can benefit from the inclusion of a how-to schema.

Custom Schema – If you need a specific schema not offered by SEOPress, the custom schema feature comes to the rescue.

Advanced Schema Conditions – Add automated schema based on precise advanced conditions for accuracy and efficiency.

10. URL Redirection (PRO)

Leverage SEOPress’ redirection tool to oversee and manage website redirects and 404 errors, preventing potential traffic and SEO losses.

Specific Features:

Redirect Wizard – Set up a variety of redirects (301, 302, 307, 410, & 451), organize them into categories, and smoothly import and export redirects.

Redirect Import – Bring in redirects using a CSV file.

Redirect Export – Conveniently export your redirects to a CSV or .htaccess file.

Automatic Redirect Alerts – Be informed when content is removed or the slug changes, allowing you to create a redirect with a single click and avoid unnecessary traffic loss.

404 Tracker – Spot and fix broken links on your website, thereby enhancing the user experience and efficiently using your crawl budget.

11. 404 Monitoring

404 monitoring, an exclusive feature of SEOPress Pro, actively scans your website for any broken links. It collaborates seamlessly with an independent broken link checker, ensuring your site is fully navigable.

While maintaining links might not directly boost your SEO, broken ones can surely undermine it. Such faulty links can disrupt the user experience, something you certainly wish to avoid.

12. Broken Link Checker

SEOPress equips you with a broken link checker tool that works similarly to the 404 monitoring feature, albeit without ongoing surveillance. It’s up to SEOPress users to initiate a site scan, and the process is fairly straightforward. The plugin combs through your website, identifying any broken links, and then provide you with a list for repair.

You can then embark on a mission to review these links, tweaking or eliminating them as needed. This activity forms a crucial part of technical SEO.

Ordinarily, you’d need to purchase specialized software to automate this function. But with SEOPress, it’s an inclusive feature, providing an added advantage for its users.

Worth noting is the absence of this feature in other software, such as Yoast, marking another tick in favor of SEOPress.

13. Breadcrumbs (PRO)

With SEOPress’ Breadcrumb tool, you can craft optimized breadcrumbs to enhance your website’s user-friendliness and SEO performance.

Specific Features:

HTML Breadcrumbs – Design and alter personalized HTML breadcrumbs that appear right below your meta title in Google search results.

Breadcrumbs Schema (JSON-LD) – SEOPress HTML breadcrumbs adhere to the Google structured data type, known as ‘breadcrumbs.’ But what if you want to reap the benefits of this schema without revealing it to your visitors? Simple, enable the JSON-LD option for breadcrumbs, making them visible exclusively to search engines.

Breadcrumb Customization – SEOPress also allows you to tweak your breadcrumbs to your liking, giving you that extra bit of control.

14. Content Analysis

The content analysis feature offered by SEOPress does a splendid job. Unlike tools such as Grammarly, which mainly focuses on enhancing your grammar, this feature centers more around headings, titles, content organization, and images, providing essential support in structuring your content for optimum SEO. It aids in fine-tuning your on-page optimization to fully unlock your ranking potential.

If something is lacking within your content, the plugin will shine a light on it, allowing you to address it effectively.

A key point to note is the plugin’s ability to detect if you have used the same keywords or not. It calls for exact keyword matching; that means if your keywords are incomplete, they might be missed. Similarly, synonyms may not get the recognition they deserve. While human brains can naturally understand these subtleties, search engine algorithms find it a tougher task to dissect.

However, it’s not fair to point fingers at the software for this. The reality is that few, if any, SEO plugins have managed to master this complexity, putting all the plugins on a level playing field.

SEO Press WordPress SEO Plugin: Advantages and Disadvantages

Like all plugins, SEOPress has its pros and cons, its power points and its hurdles. While it’s true for SEOPress as well, in this scenario, the pluses tend to outshine the minuses by a considerable margin.


There’s no charge for the Basic Version – With an array of tools at your disposal, SEOPress’s gratis version is a serious player in the WordPress SEO plugin arena. It’s packed with almost all the critical SEO instruments you might need, simplifies the import of other SEO plugin configurations, and functions superbly.

Cost-Effective Pricing – The sticker price for SEOPress PRO also holds appeal. Even though $39 annually might initially seem steep, when you weigh it against the benefits and the pricing strategies of rivals, it’s not as steep as it might first appear. You gain access to all the aforementioned features and can use them across an unlimited number of sites. Most WordPress plugins cap the number of sites their product can be deployed on. Not so with SEOPress.

Feature-Rich – SEOPress is fully loaded, even in its cost-free incarnation. It’s got everything you need to get started with SEO, from crafting sitemaps to implementing Google Analytics, and it even includes a nifty content analysis tool.

Content Analysis – This feature of the plugin is another standout. Although it’s not wise to let Google’s algorithm dictate your writing style and content, it is valuable to keep tabs on how your content’s headlines, structure, and keyword usage compare to those of more prominent websites.

Google’s Knowledge Graph – This tool is a gem for boosting interaction. Your biography includes all the essential details for your visitors, plus links to your social media profiles, websites, and any pictures you wish to showcase. While it won’t directly boost your SEO, it can significantly enhance your brand image.

Top-Notch Documentation – Most SEO plugins need a certain level of expertise to unlock their full potential. SEOPress is no exception, but it provides an array of documentation and additional resources for beginners. Even though the plugin is quite user-friendly, there are still some techniques to learn and a learning curve to conquer. The available documentation strives to ensure that you can master these.


Intricacy – Navigating any SEO plugin can be a bit of a puzzle, and SEOPress is no different. This is not a critique targeted specifically at SEOPress; mastering the nuances of any WordPress SEO plugin demands a comparable degree of effort and learning.

Lesser-known Creator – The mind behind SEOPress is not a household name, in contrast to creators of plugins like Yoast. The creator of SEOPress, known as Rainbowgeek or simply Ben, has also birthed two other plugins: WPCloudy and WP Admin UI. Together, these two plugins currently boast 13,000 active installations.

Should You Consider Buying This Plugin?

SEOPress goes beyond ordinary by delivering a plethora of SEO services such as tailoring titles and meta descriptions, integrating social media content, and analyzing content with unlimited keywords.

It outshines its rivals like Yoast and AIO SEO by extending its capabilities to HTML and XML sitemaps – features other plugins often overlook.

SEOPress doesn’t stop there, it brings on board other goodies like Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce, the convenience of importing metadata from CSV files, Google structured data types, and even Google suggestions.

The price tag matches its worth. The list of features is impressive. The design is slick, and the overall layout and navigation are designed so intuitively that even someone diving into WordPress for the first time will find it a breeze.

Is this the plugin you’ve been waiting for? Dive deeper and discover more about the top-notch WordPress SEO plugin here.